Advance Hair Regrowth Salon Services


ICE -ideal for brittle thin hair- relaxed or color treated hair

helps to make hair stronger and thicker by instantly repairing damage strands and sealing in  conditioning treatment. Leaves hair stronger, fuller and silky

Aquatic Mister – The optimum hydration and repair treatment ideal for all hair types- small water molecules helps conditioning treatments to penetrate deeper and faster.. great for color processing in less time

Red light therapy help the blood to circulate for faster hair growth and helps helps to promote Scalp healing

Blue light therapy helps to kill bacteria and scalp odor on the scalp and hair

Nano express steamer with blue light therapy – add this express treatment at the bowl. It uses Nano stream technology to help conditioning treatment penetrate deeper and faster, also blue light therapy to kill bacteria and odor on the hair and scalp

Oxygen Therapy – This therapy is used to promote faster hair growth and stronger hair growth by infusing vitamins and oxygen directly into the hair follicles.

Scalp demabraision treatment– this amazing treatment we recommend getting every 2 to 3 months. It’s a deep cleaning of your scalp and follicles. It’s cleans to remove dead skin buildup on the scalp and unclog any clogged follicles. Helps with itchiness and dandruff. Great treatment before any hair care regimen. 

Protein/ stop shed – this is an emergency treatment for anyone who has over processed their hair. Protein help to build hair back up and stops shedding. Also recommend before any color service or every 6 months as a preventative treatment. Great on all hair types.

Olaplex – this is an amazing treatment to build up your hair and prevent damage. Can be used as a standalone treatment or mixed in with your color or relaxed to prevent any damage from chemicals. Olaplex technology prevents chemicals from damaging your hair.

Scalp and hair detox – this treat is great for clients dealing with dandruff. We deep clean your scalp and hair using special shampoos and treatments to help rid of dandruff. We commend bi-weekly treatments until dandruff is under control then bi- monthly treatments to maintain a dandruff free scalp.

Custom Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Services

Now accepting all Major insurance providers for cancer, lupus, alopecia or any medical diagnosed condition that affects the hair or scalp.
We will customize your personal unit using our 100% pure virgin hair. Customizations include texture, style, color, length, density head mold and measurements. Units can be handed sewn or machine made for custom fit.
Fill out customer form below and one of our non- surgical hair replacement team members will contact you.