Natural Hair Services

4 Levels Of Silk Press

Ι. The Silk Experience 

-This hydrating silkening system is designed to clarify hair and manage frizz. It includes a relaxing shampoo and a deep moisture conditioner paired with an extra layer of hydration from our aquatic mister. Depending on your hair texture different products will be used to achieve soft and manageable hair lasting from 1 to 2 weeks. An amazing option for clients who are looking for a temporary straight style. $80

II. The Ultimate Healer

-This Olaplex silkening system works to build bonds and strengthen leaving you with healthy rejuvenated hair. A relaxing shampoo and deep moisture conditioner is included. The products used are designed to repair your hair from 4 types of major damage. Whether it’s environmental damage from UV rays, thermal damage from heat tools, mechanical damage from brushes and styles, or chemical damage from colors and relaxers this system will improve the quality of your hair. Straight hair will last from 1-2 weeks protecting your hair follicles from future damage and restoring elasticity. $120

III. The Bounce Back

-Using Design Essentials STS products this silkening system is a temporary smoothing system that is a great alternative to a relaxer. A relaxing shampoo and deep moisture conditioner is included. We call this system the bounce back because it is designed to allow your hair to revert back to its natural state after 8 to 12 weeks. This is a root to tip texture release treatment that uses silk protein to lock in shine and produce straight hair without damaging your natural curl pattern. Your hair will remain protected from heat up to 420 degrees. $160


IV. The Dream Hair

-Our dream hair silk press system uses all natural Chi products that have a built in smoothing system that can maintain straight hair for up to 4 months. It is an alternative to the traditional keratin treatment because this 3 step treatment uses amino acid protein and silkening pearls to prevent 95% of frizz. The formaldehyde free system will leave you with healthy, strong shiny hair. Included is a relaxing shampoo and deep moisture conditioner. Choosing this system you get the best of both worlds because the ingredients will temporarily rearrange hair bonds to get the silky look but it protects the bonds that will allow your hair to revert back to its natural state. This is great for clients of all hair types who want to cut down on blow drying time and want to achieve longer lasting silk presses. $250