Très Bella


Specializing in enhancing your healthy hair lifestyle.

Hair Restoration

Here at Tres Bella we offer a wide range of hair restoration and non-surgical replacement services. If you are experiencing any hair loss or scalp issues, we have our very own licensed certified hair loss specialist on site that can help you get to the root of the problem. We specialize in holistic hair regrowth services. We also provide non-surgical hair replacement services for clients with permanent hair loss. However, our goal is to stop or reverse hair loss issues before they become permanent. Some issues we service are alopecia; male and female, thinning, balding, breakage, thin edges, hair loss from chemotherapy, post pardom, dandruff, itchy and dry scalp, and stress related hair loss. LET US HELP YOU GET TO THE ROOT OF YOUR PROBLEM!!


Upscale full-service salon specializing in healthy relaxed and natural hair. We offer a relaxing professional environment. We use high quality products. Our team of stylist are highly trained and educated in their specialties. We sell and offer top brand quality products.


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